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SSALA Presents: Dr. Jennifer Lang, The Consent Conversation: Ground Zero for Healthy Sexuality, February 18 & 19

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to sex education - anatomy, communication, safety and more. However, consent is probably the single most important thing to learn about in sex ed regardless of whether you identify as male, female, nonbinary or something else. But what does consent look and sound like? How do you recognize when a person has the capacity to give consent, and when they don't? The way teens and young adults think and talk about sex today has changed. The way we approach sex education must change, too. Dr. Lang will provide insight into the tools for communicating and understanding consent, as well as critical information about the capacity to give consent and the language surrounding it.
Sinai Akiba Academy is a private Jewish day school in Los Angeles, serving students in Early Childhood through Grade 8. We also offer a variety of parenting classes and programs for children through our Parenting Center. A Sinai Temple school.