Early Childhood Center

Our Early Childhood Center nurtures some of our youngest Jewish hearts and minds, ages 2-5. Younger students will find their space in which to thrive in our Parenting Center, which includes our Toddler program. We’re constantly evolving to offer the most ambitious, child-friendly, spirit-rich, and joyful Jewish environment in which to foster curiosity and grow happy kids. With research-based early childhood educational approaches, loving and highly-qualified teachers, joyful holiday celebrations, and stunning indoor and outdoor facilities, our ECC gives your child a warm, supportive space in which imagination is set free.

Our educational philosophy is Constructivist and play-based at its core, and our curriculum, which is often emergent and always exploratory and engaging, is rooted in developmentally-appropriate practice. Here, we see learning as an active, social endeavor and we strive to educate all aspects of your child: social, spiritual, cognitive, physical, and emotional. 

We place a high value on the partnership between home and school. Each student plays a significant and important role in the classroom, and each parent will find a welcoming and supportive community. We invite you to come and see for yourself. 

"In the ECC, the teachers all speak the same way to kids. They don’t just say, “Good job.” They say, “I noticed you colored the paper blue.” It helps the children own their experience."

– Sinai Akiba Academy parent

Sinai Akiba Academy is a private Jewish day school in Los Angeles, serving students in Early Childhood through Grade 8. We also offer a variety of parenting classes and programs for children through our Parenting Center

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