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ECC Small Group Investigations

Find out what our Pre-K students are exploring in the classroom!
Paola Trigari, our ECC consultant, visited us recently and spent her time observing Pre-K teachers, providing feedback on these observations, helping teachers develop thought-provoking
questions to further student thinking.

Paola focused on the small group investigations that provide the children with opportunities to develop theories, share ideas, and conduct research.

Currently, small groups of students are investigating :
  • houses and building a playhouse for the classroom
  • rainforests
  • zoos and the animals that live in them
  • gardens
These investigations are exciting and teach many important pre-academic skills such as:
  • Letter-sound relationships as the children write emails to different people at school.
  • Counting and 1:1 correspondence
  • Measuring with rulers
  • Posing a question and listening to a peer’s ideas
  • Sustained attention and sticking to a subject over many days.
Sinai Akiba Academy is a private Jewish day school in Los Angeles, serving students in Early Childhood through Grade 8. We also offer a variety of parenting classes and programs for children through our Parenting Center. A Sinai Temple school.