Going Back to School & Saying Goodbye

Shelley Lawrence, ECC & Lower School Director
It's back to school time, and that means new teachers, classmates, and experiences. For many parents, this year will mark their first time saying goodbye to their children as they head off into the care of their dedicated teachers.

Saying goodbye on the first day of school can be a trying experience for both parents and children. But, we have some helpful tips that can make the transition easier for both you and your child.

Start talking about the first day of school. 
Prepare your child for what to expect by talking about what the first day will be like, Here at Sinai Akiba, to help ease the transition, our ECC and Kindergarten teachers conduct home visits that allow teachers and students to connect before the first day of school, something that happens at the student's home, where he or she feels most comfortable. We encourage our parents to take photos during the home visit, which they can then look at to discuss the teachers and what school might be like. Talking about what to expect can help your child best prepare for this new adventure.

Read some books about saying goodbye at school.
Reading books can be a great way to help children mentally prepare. Check out books such as "
The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn, "Llama, Llama Misses Mama" by Anna Dewdney, or "The Invisible String" by Patrice Karst.

Make a brief plan for the day with your child.
Taking the time to map out the day is a great way to prepare: "You will wake up, eat breakfast, drive to school, say goodbye to mommy, play at school, and mommy will be there to pick you up at 12."

Plan plenty of time to get to school
This way, your child does not feel rushed. Resist the urge to carry your child. Walking into the classroom on his/her own is a sign of power and independence.

Finally, Say Goodbye
Say goodbye and reassure your child that you will be there to pick him/her up. Do not sneak out of the classroom.

Looking for more resources? lick on this link if you would like additional information about saying goodbye to your child on the first day. https://www.parents.com/toddlers-preschoolers/starting-preschool/separation-anxiety/goodbye-without-tears/


Written by Shelley Lawrence, ECC & Lower School Director
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