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Sinai Akiba is more a community than a campus. Our students come from across the city, throughout the country, and around the globe. No matter where their journey begins, at Sinai Akiba they learn there is strength in diversity, and they discover that what makes us different is less important than what makes us the same.
Marcia Fellner, Administrative Dean
Sinai Akiba is an ethnically, religiously, and economically welcoming and inclusive community. Our families reflect a wide range of Jewish observance and practice. We embrace students of all economic means and view financial assistance as critical to achieving our mission.

At Sinai Akiba we believe that parents and educators are partners in the growth and success of our school and the students within it. We have an active, effective Parent Teacher Association, a supportive Grandparents Association, and a dedicated community-building committee, the Akiba Community Team.

We celebrate our strong culture of giving in which our parent body proudly and meaningfully participates in our Annual Giving Campaign.

Sinai Akiba’s program is filled with joyful, student-focused Jewish ceremonies and rituals. Parents participate as their children lead daily services, Kabbalat Shabbat, Shabbat morning services, and Havdalah. Families celebrate as their children receive their own siddur, prepare for their b’nai mitzvah, and begin learning the Talmud.

The relationship between Sinai Akiba and Sinai Temple, an 1800-family synagogue in Westwood led by Rabbi David Wolpe, is a positive and mutually-beneficial one. The word "symbiotic" even comes to mind. The two entities operate collectively on some ventures, sharing resources and space, and independently on others with two separate governing bodies or Boards. All Sinai Akiba families and Jewish staff are Temple members, and as such, stay engaged with Sinai Akiba and the Jewish community long after they graduate. Sinai Temple gives our students the unique gift of learning and living in a multigenerational Jewish community.