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Mindfulness Means ...

During Wellness Month at Sinai Akiba, the study of wellbeing and mindfulness filled our classrooms. Dr. Ackerman visited Ms. Nail's 3B room and taught an amazing lesson to the students about being thoughtful as they are eating. The students then took time to reflect on what mindfulness meant to them. Read on to find out what they said.

3B Thinks that MINDFULNESS means…

says, “Mindfulness means you are careful you are calm. Let’s say you are reading, I only think about the book and reading.”

says, “Mindful means to be focused on what you are doing and not anything else (and maybe trying to relax).

says, “Mindfulness is when you’re calm, and your mind is full of not a lot of things.”

says, “Mindfulness is to calm your body.  It makes you think of only one thing.  Like if you are taking a walk, you only think of walking and if you are eating, you only think of eating.”

says, “Mindfulness is paying attention to someone or something.”

says, “Looking before you walk.”

says, “Mindful is when we are all calm and thinking about one thing only.”

says, “I think mindfulness is to just get you calmed down and get you relaxed.”

says, “Mindfulness is to focus on one thing.”

says, “Mindfulness means when you are calm and thinking about one thing.”

says, “I think mindfulness means to stay calm and in control.”

says, “When you’re doing something, think about what you are doing.”

says, “To be calm and meditate to think what you are doing.”

says, “Mindfulness means when you’re walking, you’re just thinking about walking, and when you’re playing, you’re just thinking about playing.”

says, “Mindfulness means you’re like calm and thinking.”

says, “I think mindfulness means to get calmer when you are sad or upset at someone’s thinking.  I think it also means to forgive people and be happy!”

says, “It means that you should calm down because maybe your mind is full of stuff and you just need to calm down.  You don’t need to be jealous or unhappy, you will be happy.”

says, “It means that you are mindful of what you do. Example-let’s say I was choosing my lunch, and I could choose between carrots, gummy bears or cookies. Pretend I already had a cookie yesterday, and on Sunday I would be having gummy bears.   would probably want to choose the carrots. Also, mindfulness means you are only thinking about one thing.”
Gabriel says, “Mindfulness means to be relaxed, take breaths and be quiet.”
says, "Mindfulness is when you think of others before themselves, or when you play you think of playing and not eating.”

says, “Mindfulness means if I am reading, I just think about reading. When I write, I just think about writing.  When I eat, I just think about eating. Mindfulness means you think about what you are doing.”

says, “It is when you are doing something about what’s happening now, and not what’s going on ahead of you or behind you, but just about NOW.”

says, “Mindful is to be calm and only thinking about one thing.”

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