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These are your people. Come meet them here.

Sinai Akiba is built on lifelong connections – parents supporting each other through the tribulations and triumphs of the world’s most challenging job. This is how we build community: watching our children grow together, celebrating holidays and lifecycle events, and discovering mutual interests and shared goals. It is our common heritage that brings us together, but our common values that make the connection strong. In more ways than one, these are your people; you can come meet them here.
Discover some of the many major events that happen throughout the year here at Sinai Akiba, including our annual event, State of the School, Night at the Pier, and more!

The Annual Event

Every year, the Sinai Akiba Academy comes together for a community event like no other. With a new and exciting concept every year, this is one event you won't want to miss. Whether we're bowling at Lucky Strike, striking up a conversation at the California Science Museum, or living it up right here on campus, this is guaranteed to be a night to remember.

State of the School

Held every spring, this special evening brings the community together to delve into the depth and breadth of programmatic, faculty, and leadership strength at Sinai Akiba Academy. Parents can join small sessions of different topics that mirror a real class. Stay tuned for the Spring 2020 date.

Night at the Pier

Night at the Pier is one of the Parent Association's signature events and most popular annual gathering. Don't miss your chance to join the community for a magical evening by the ocean! 

Save the date: May 14, 2020
Sinai Akiba Academy is a private Jewish day school in Los Angeles, serving students in Early Childhood through Grade 8. We also offer a variety of parenting classes and programs for children through our Parenting Center

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